LeafHome and Erie Home Team up with JobPaths to Hire Veterans

veteran hiring

The company that has built powerful technology to address the challenges of veteran hiring will provide access to LeafHome and Erie Home to connect over 200,000 active JobPaths users and 24,000 new users to new employment opportunities.

JobPaths, the robust workforce development platform that has built technology solutions to support disadvantage jobseekers, is partnering with LeafHome and Erie Home to connect JobPaths’s large and growing database of users to more employment opportunities. 

Built to assist veterans, as well as people with disabilities, the formerly incarcerated, and other diverse candidates, the JobPaths platform includes custom-built tools to identify a candidate’s skills and connect those jobseekers to the right opportunities. The platform offers jobseekers free resume building, job searching, career training, mentorship, and a military skills translator that interprets and matches over 7,000 military careers to open positions. These tools are designed to identify skills, fill skills gaps, and create a job path for everyone! JobPaths also provides employers with job posting, candidate searching, e-learning, and intelligent candidate matching.

JobPaths has over 200,000 users actively using the page, with over 24,000 new users joining every month. In addition, several other major groups have also partnered with JobPaths over the past few years. These include Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and its over 300,000 HR members, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Hope for the Warriors, and United Way, as well as the New York City Department of Veterans Services and Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities.

“We are very excited that these two terrific companies has chosen our technology as their preferred tool for veteran hiring,” said Jack Fanous, CEO of JobPaths. “JobPaths’s technology matches our large database of users to job openings that best fit their skills. With our powerful platform at their disposal, LeafHome and Erie Homewill have an incredible tool at their disposal to recruit the best candidates for their open positions.”

For more information, visit jobpaths.com.